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2016 Thanksgiving| Emilie Loved Our Story, So She Made This Video 我们拍了个小电影感谢你

Some say it's not the best season to drink beer, but we beg to differ. If you wanna stay in bed thinking about your future like this:

we can't stop you -- Just imagine the other option is a cozy warm bar, good beer with TheBrewGirl. But tonight we have a more important mission, help our friends say Thank You to their loved ones.



I will thank God to give me so many tough challenges to make me much stronger than I thought.



Soon-to-be mum 准妈妈

I wanna thank my son (still in my belly here) to give me the longest detox of my life.

谢谢我即将诞生的宝宝,因为他, 我现在正在经历人生最长的排毒疗程。

Chelsea Stone

Best beer writer we know 我们认识最棒的啤酒写手

This year I would like to thank my adopted home of Shanghai for always making my life interesting, presenting me with new opportunities and challenges, and giving me the world's best group of friends. Never a dull moment!



Creative Marketing for Goose Island 鹅岛创意家

I want to thank my aunt for making my transition to Shanghai as smooth as it can be.



Founder of 最会游创始人

My new-born son Kai! Thanks for being the cutest and my youngest drinking buddy!



Founder of Shanghai Love Brewing 申爱精酿创始人

My niece Kayla! She's 1-yr-old now, the youngest BrewGirl!


Here's how we wanna say thanks to our friends:

Make Craft Beer Sexy

The video you are about to watch is created by Emilie Batard and her talented team Luis Alcantara and Abi Capa, recording a day of Jill, Chief Sexy Officer (it's a real title guys~) of TheBrewGirl. The story goes like this: long long time ago, 2 Shanghai girls decided to sell "moonshine" beer from the trunk of their MINI...  Well, you have to watch it yourself, and I promise you it's worth the 5 mins of your life even just to see Jill without makeup.

说好的小电影来了:这是从MINI后备箱“私贩”啤酒一路走来的我们的故事。Emilie Batard是一枚专业导演,她与她的天才团队Luis AlcantaraAbi Capa爱上了TheBrewGirl的故事,为我们创作了这部短片,记录TheBrewGirl首席性感官Jill的一天。这是一个未完的故事, 因为我们还都不知道如何把它写完。

Find out more about Emilie and her works here:


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