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Beijing | The Beer Festival We're Most Looking Forward to This Year 京A又来搞事了,这一次带上了16家精酿厂


See the 8x8 Pairings & Get Tickets Now! “八乘八”酒坊配对出炉,购票通道开放!

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  • Cloudburst Brewing (西雅图) X 气泡实验室 (武汉)

  • Gigantic Brewing Co. (波特兰) X 门神精酿酒坊 (香港)

  • Breakside Brewery (波特兰) X 牛啤堂 (成都/北京)

  • 10 Barrel Brewing Co. (本德) X 胖胖啤酒马 (厦门)

  • Culmination Brewing (波特兰) X 高大师 (南京)

  • The Commons Brewery (波特兰) X 台虎精酿 (台北)

  • Holy Mountain Brewing (西雅图) X 京A精酿啤酒 (北京)

  • Parallel 49 Brewing (温哥华) X TAPS (深圳/重庆)



每个品鉴活动时段的头50张票为早鸟票,输入 EARLY1 即可购买时段一折扣票,以此类推,EARLY2 对应时段二早鸟票,EARLY3 对应时段三早鸟票,EARLY4 对应时段四早鸟票。









Two big updates on 8x8 Brewing Project, Jing-A's upcoming Beer Festival connecting the Chinese Craft Beer community with friends from across the globe: Tickets are on sale starting at Noon, Beijing time, and they're ready to reveal the collaboration match-ups!

The pairings of these 16 breweries from Greater China and the Pacific Northwest were totally random, let's just say they're matches made in heaven:

  • Cloudburst Brewing (Seattle) X Bubble Lab (Wuhan)

  • Gigantic Brewing Co. (Portland) X Moonzen Brewery (Hong Kong)

  • Breakside Brewery (Portland) X NBeer (Chengdu/Beijing)

  • 10 Barrel Brewing Co. (Bend) X Fat Fat Beer Horse (Xiamen)

  • Culmination Brewing (Portland) X Master Gao (Nanjing)

  • The Commons Brewery (Portland) X Taihu Brewing (Taipei)

  • Holy Mountain Brewing (Seattle) X Jing-A Brewing Co. (Beijing)

  • Parallel 49 Brewing (Vancouver) X TAPS (Shenzhen/Chongqing)

Each of these pairs will now start working together to develop a new beer that brings together the experience, culture and personality of both breweries, to be released at the 8x8 festival in Beijing, November 3rd and 4th.

We can't wait to see (and taste) the beers they come up with!

Get tickets now by extract the QR code on the poster or by clicking "Read More" at the bottom of this post!

The first 50 tickets for each session get an early bird discount - just use the code EARLY1 if you're buying a ticket for Session 1, EARLY2 for Session 2, and EARLY3 and EARLY4 for the other sessions.

ABOUT 8 x 8

In Case you need a quick refresher on what 8x8 is about...

Each year, the 8x8 Brewing Project will pair 8 breweries from Greater China with 8 breweries from a chosen region around the world to brew 8 kick-ass collaboration beers. For our inaugural year we're excited to be teaming up with world-class breweries from the Pacific Northwest, one of the birthplaces of the modern craft beer movement!

The brewery pairs will have the whole summer to work together and prepare their collaboration brews. Then, on November 3 & 4, 2017, all 16 breweries will gather in Beijing to release their collaborations, pouring them alongside their own specialty beers at the 8x8 Festival, a ticketed event with free-flow tasting.

All the brewers will be there in person so you'll have a chance to learn the stories behind what you're drinking - straight from the source!

-The 8x8 Festival is spread over two days, with 4 free-flow tasting sessions.

-Each session is 3 hours long, so you've got plenty of time to try as much beer as you'd like!

-The 8 collaboration beers made specifically for 8x8 will pour at all sessions.

-In addition, the 16 breweries will each pour two of their own beers at each session, for a total of 40 Beers to try per session.

-That means you'll have a chance to taste 136 unique beers across the four sessions (4x32 = 128 beers + 8 collaboration brews).

On Saturday, there will be two 90-minute breaks between the three sessions - check out some of the many art galleries in 798 while you sober up!


What do the different tickets get you?





All guests will receive an 8x8 tasting glass & access to exclusive after-party deals (Friday and Saturday nights) at Xian Bar, EAST, Beijing Hotel.

-Single Session passes get you 3-hours of free-flow tasting during the specific time period listed on the ticket.

-All-Session gets you into all four tasting sessions at 8x8 if you're looking to try all the beers at the festival.

-All-Session VIP (limited to 25 tickets) gets you access to all sessions PLUS an exclusive bottle tasting with the brewers from 7-8PM on Friday, immediately prior to Session 1, and an 8x8 T-Shirt (a clean change of clothes will come in handy by the end of the night).

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