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Drink Beer With Us or be a Virgin Forever 如何在国际约炮节帮路人破处

419, if you put on a mystic smile and your sexiest lingerie on this day, you'd know why we, TheBrewGirl, along with 2 handsome guys from Brewtiful Life, chose this day to go on the Shanghai streets and ask strangers to give us their "first time". My yoga teacher told me this week that she cherishes every moment of her life (especially the bad ones), because they are all unique experiences. I have to admit: I'm a bit jealous of this peaceful mindset. I got pissed off so often and I'm almost devastated and wish I never had those amazing beer before when, I was having a bad beer day-- you know, one of those days you just couldn't have a single glass of beer that tastes good enough.

Right before we started shooting for the "No More Craft Virgin", Jill leaned over to me and whispered:" would you rather having a lot of bad sex or being a 40-yr-old-virgin?" First I thought, "what kind of an evil/brilliant bitch can come up with a question like this?!" But it's the most beautiful sunny day and I'm smelling the spring & sweet hormone on the streets of XTD, something inside me suddenly tickled... After all these years spoiled by one after one distinctive beer, now look back I wanna thank all of them. There's never a beer that's not GOOD ENOUGH for me-- the encounter might not have happened at the perfect moment; or my narrow mind believed one style superior to another; and sometimes I held on to those complex vintage Belgian bottles too dearly and forgot about how good young & fresh tastes like... Ah, how I secretly wish I was an innocent craft beer virgin again.

419,一个让老司机情不自禁挂上神秘笑容的日子. 我们趁着这一天携手精酿界的新生网红(yuē pào shén qì)不如胡来,一起走上阳光明媚的街头,让一些幸运的上海市民体验他们的"第一次".

Take a look at our beers for the "No More Craft Virgin" Ep1:


TheBrewGirl和申爱合酿的First Date 酒红艾尔

荷兰特罗斯Troost的Amber Ale琥珀艾尔

荷兰Kees的Farmhouse IPA

Hats off to these lovely "virgins" for taking a beer from a stranger without even blinking, for the cute & witty comments, for being cool and open-minded, for reminding us the first excitement and for promising us to drink loads of craft beer from now on...

大部分市民欣然接受了我们递上的啤酒,面对镜头却很羞涩.可不是吗,这年头如果没尝过精酿,真的比遇上一层捅不破的窗户纸还尴尬. 没想到有人第一次就表现的这么勇敢,3分30秒更出现了史上最精彩的弄堂点评:

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