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My Name is Holgate, and So is My Brewhouse 墨尔本也有个“高大师”,但是他的故事更酷

While Di Di was doing a "tough job" by drinking 100 different beers in Italy (eye rolling), I was in Australia and visited Holgate Brewhouse founded by Paul Holgate, one of the pioneers of craft beer in Australia. He reminds me a lot of Master Gao from Nanjing in China but a nicer and cooler version. Master Gao will never pick me up from Shanghai and drive all the way to Nanjing and show us around his brewery.

当DiDi在意大利很“辛苦”的狂喝100种啤酒的时候 (翻白眼) ,我跑去了墨村给澳洲的“高大师”Paul Holgate 拜码头。我和DiDi的待遇真的差很多!两位大师确实有很多相似之处,不过墨村“高大师”的故事更酷些。至少高大师应该永远不会跑来上海开车接我一路去南京,带我们吃喝逛酒厂。

Both have chemical background and started brewing craft beer in early 1990’s, Master Gao's beer is hugely influenced by modern American brewing & styles while Mr. Holgated started off making European style brews.


Holgate Brewhouse was located at Woodend, 45 minutes drive from Melbourne downtown. Paul's craft beer journey started by growing up in a big family of nine kids. They have all been used to make their own food since family were not able to afford dining out. However, it’s also part of the family fun to bake cakes and pastries, also cooking breads, jams and ginger beer.

Holgate的酒厂座落在距离墨尔本45分钟车程以外的Woodend. Paul是在一个9个孩子的大家庭长大。由于经济原因,从小家里所有的食物都是自己动手制作包括精酿啤酒。因为家里没有经济实力下馆子吃。也因为这样,一家人一起动手自给自足,成为了沟通促进感情的家庭乐趣。

Paul started brewing since 1991 just for fun. While he was studying at Melbourne University, Paul met his wife and also his business partner at a chemical library! Both of them have passion in drinking craft beer. After hearing this story, I think you will find DiDi in any of chemcial labs in Shanghai and hunting for her brewmaster hubby!

Homebrewing was how the family started craft beer brewing and then soon moved to historical hotel and turned it into a brewhouse in a pub style with accomodation. It’s located in the central of Woodend which is also a tourist area where is near Mount Macedon. There is direct train from Melbourne to Woodend, where has only 5,000 people living in this small town. Holgate brewhouse was born right after Paul's trip to USA in 1997.


由于经济原因,一开始先在家里做家酿起家。之后Paul就把具有百年历史的Woodend最古老酒店买下作为酒厂的根据地。酒厂座落在Woodend小镇的中心并临近Mount Macedon旅游中心。墨尔本有直达的火车可以通往小镇。小镇居民加起来不超过5000名。1997年Paul从美国旅行回来,终于决定开始正式开酒厂并把精酿作为一生的事业来做。

Holgate Brewhouse was the first hotel back to “golden rush” days where gold diggers took rest after they started their trip from Melbourne. Usually it takes a week by foot or 2 days by horses to Woodend, and then they would stop over at hotel for a night before they moved on to Bendigo for gold digging.

Holgate酒厂是“淘金时期”淘金者们的唯一休息的地方。从墨尔本出发到本迪戈 (Bendigo)要走上1个星期。如果骑马代步,也需要2天。所以通常淘金者们都会在这里住上一晚,第二天再出发去淘金。所以目前酒厂也是历史保护建筑的酒店。在这里喝上一杯好酒吃上好菜,然后感受下淘金时期的氛围应该会比南京好玩吧?

Holgate Norton Larger

Inspired by Paul's Dad

Paul’s Dad, Bernie Holgate, who was an adventure by heart, inspired Norton Larger. He loved riding his bike and grabbed his life by horns. Norton Larger pays tribute to Bernie, his freewheeling and risk taking spirit. It used local Australia grown hop by transforming this Germany larger into a great entry level of craft beer drink for non craft beer drinkers in Australia.

Holgate 最早起同时也是最经典的Norton Lager是Paul为了今年父亲Bernie而特地酿造的。父亲特别喜欢骑摩托车也是个冒险家。为了纪念父亲的精神,Paul用澳洲培植的酒花把德国传统的lager变成了澳洲版精酿啤酒的入门酒。酒瓶的LOGO就是Paul的父亲带着目前骑着炫酷的摩托车兜风的照片。

Holgate Road Trip IPA

Since I love hoppy craft beer, American IPA has always been my go-to-beer. My favorite was Road Trip American IPA. It was inspired by their road trip in USA after 10 years achievement at Holgate Brewhouse. It’s a reward trip to the family for all of those years of hard work. (And this Road Trip traveled to China with me, and guess who was so lucky to have it?)

由于我还是处于入门级的精酿啤酒爱好者,所以美国IPA目前还是我的最爱。Holgate里我最爱喝的还是他们的Road Trip IPA. 是Paul一家在酒厂开业十周年之后重游美国的纪念之旅而酿造的。这次这瓶幸运的Road Trip还随我一起来到中国,猜猜谁喝到它了呢?

Craft beer is like another format of art creation. Nothing different with an independent fashion designer or any other art designer. When they talk about craft beer, their eyes are all lightened up, heart beats and blood was boiling as they just found love of the life!

Paul was not only passionate about brewing craft beer but also hoping to get more and more people in Australia to understand craft beer and appreciate what they do!



Though Australians are known for beer drinkers, however, craft beer is still at infant stage. It takes time to educate the market and we will need more people like Paul Holgate who has strong craft beer heart and taking the leading roles to change and shape the craft beer world in Australia.


We wish him and Holgate BrewHouse all of the best and best luck of expanding the brewhouse in order to increase the capacity of production, so our craft beer fans in China can also enjoy his craft beer in the near future. Also don't forget to book a room in advance on the Holgate Website since TheBrewGirls don't want you to drunk & drive!


Holgate Brewhouse

79 High Street Woodend, Victoria, Australia
Telephone +61 3 5427 2510

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